Domain Names

Domain Names

Domain Name Types

UK Domain Names

There are a wide variety of UK domain names. Below is a list of the types of domain currently available. Domains marked with a * are special or premium domains and may incur additional charges for both registration and renewal, or have strict criteria to register.

  • .uk – a new and shorter domain name for all
  • – often used to represent UK companies
  • – often used for more personal UK domains
  • – about you and your company. Often used for charities in the UK
  •* – domain for UK based networks
  •* – domain for Limited UK Companies
  •* – domain name for UK Schools
  • .cymru*
  • .wales*
  • .irish*
  • .london*
  • .scot*
  • *
  • .wales*

Other Domain Names

There are literally thousands of domain types available – all at varying costs. Some are creative, and some allow you to target a specific audience. For example; .art is great for galleries, .auction is great for auction sites, and .fitness great for gyms or personal trainers. There are also country specific domains, like .jp for Japan – but these may have constraints. Below are the most common non-UK specific domains used by our clients.

  • .com – often used to represent international companies, can be used in the UK instead of or along with a domain.
  • .net – an alternative to .com or for a general domain name.
  • .org – originally designed for non-profits, can be used generally like
  • .biz – an alternative to .com, often for general information and business sites.

Choosing a Domain Name

You should choose a domain name that truly reflects what your website is all about. You should try and keep your domain name concise. If it consists of multiple words, consider separating each word with a hyphen. This will largely depend on how the domain name looks with and without a hyphen. It will also depend on the availability of your preferred domain name.

The easiest way to select the correct domain name, is to allow Vivid Web Design UK to both advise you and register the domain on your behalf. If you would like to discuss Domain Name registration with us, why not contact us today?